This guy rushed out of our hangout/texted during the whole thing? Why is he still checking my snapchat?

I met someone online but I made it clear I'm looking for friends only. So he's supposed to be my food buddy. So, we go eat and we talk. He said he's really tired and was very mellow. So after that, we talked a bit outside and he was texting on his phone the whole time. I said sorry for keeping him out so late. I guess He was texting his best friend who was a girl. He kept saying that they were extremely close and he has to let her know who he's with and said sorry. I'm like ok cool? Times running and he kept texting so I'm like ok I ate and I don't want to watch him text so I said ready to go? He says yeah and then tells me it was nice meeting me. I just waved. No goodbye hug for like common courtesy or anything. So I'm wondering if I did something wrong or if I'm hideous or something? He checked my snap this morning and I'm like alright? He paid for the food and everything...


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  • he wasn't interested in you , its shows that he just wanted to hook up and forget about it. plus all those things you listed was red flags. plus he immature , insecure and a real man wouldn't ever do that in a date.
    sounds like he a player

    • I wasn't interested either.
      I only wanted to be friends.
      I repeatedly said he should hangout with my other friends as well because he just moved to the city.
      I didn't consider it a date but I just think it's rude to text someone when you're hanging out with someone else.

    • i def think its rude , you could of just left the date and it will show him that u disrespect him

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