I really like this guy I met online, how to ask where we are going?

For over a month this guy and I have been chatting on a dating site. He lives in another city, but I am actually taking a trip down there soon and I cannot wait! I know he actually exists (we have skyped) and he is excited to see me (he was flattered that I'm actually making a trip down there). We have talked about relationship stuff, expectations, boundaries etc. When we meet in person I just want to see where we are headed, I have never dated multiple guys at once (I prob never will) and I don't want to invest time/emotion into something he doesn't want. How do I bring this up?


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  • "Where do you see us now and where do you want us to go?"

    • Will that question scare him away though? I'm just wondering because all the other stuff has come really naturally.

    • It wouldn't me. It's a straight up question

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  • Simple: You don't. Not unless you want him to nope the fuck on outta there.

    That "Where is this going" bulldrek is one of the most annoying things women do. Either spend some time SEEING where it goes, or be upfront and say "I want a relationshit with you".

    I hate when bitches ask me that shit. I hate it so much that I will string them along as long as I can, just to see how long I can keep them wondering and asking me that stupid question.


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