How do I show more passion when going after and trying to date girls?

I think they know that I'm interested in them but I think that I lack " passion " and what I mean by passion is you know that sort of lets say type of more romantic type of guy you'd hear if you were listening to a country music song , those guys sound like they are really into the girl and show what I'm describing as passion. I feel I'm lacking that and not really sure why or how to show some when trying to date the girls I like?


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  • Well, here are some helpful tips...
    1. Lightly brush the girls arm with yours or randomly grab and hold her hand. Physical contact creates a chemical reaction in the brain and makes her feel special
    2. Compliment her, on the way she looks. When she does something well. Things like that. This shows her that you care
    3. Offer to take her to her favorite restraunt. Pay attention to the things she says and try to figure out where she likes to go. If she didn't tell you this was her favorite restraunt, by knowing this she will know that you listen to her and care what she has to say.
    4. Tell her you love her, this may seem simple and normal, but girls love to hear their man say those three simple words. It let's them know that they are yours and no one else's.

    I hope this helps!!! :)

    • I think all the ideas listed are solid and could help , on the touching one I find often a lot of the time the girls I know are fairly new to me so it be rather early to start touching them and they might find it off and too soon , I don't know just my thoughs

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    • I also find I often don't get a chance to take a girl out to a restaurant on a date as a lot of the time things don't get that serious , I meet them but we don't actually date , its a good idea if you get that far with them

    • True, but to know something about them that they didn't directly tell you let's them know you care about what they say...

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  • I'd say building attraction.. maybe talking flirting being the person u want to attract.. it's easy to give a compliment... and let her in ur personal space. I think genuinely finding interest in some things regarding her would help

    • i agree with the idea of building attraction with the girl and using that to get her more interested , I find with some of the girls I know there isn't really a lot in common between us , often a bit younger and more into girl things than what I'm into

    • that's fine.. but I think creating something you to can partake in together such as the relationship have her involved

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