What are the rules for going on a first date?

Do's and don'ts basically.

Are there things you should do or things you shouldn't do?


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  • Compliment her (not just on her looks).
    Smile a lot.
    Be nice but not too nice.
    Be funny.
    Smell good.
    Go to a place where you can hear each other.
    Look at her body language, it'll tell you a lot about her and what she's thinking.
    Just be yourself.
    and all the things ProbablyTooMature said.

    Don't be quiet.
    Don't be childish.
    Don't accept it right away if she says that she wants to pay her meal/drink/whatever, but after she said it a few times, be okay with it.
    Don't be shy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Take a shower and smell good, but don't overpower yourself with cologne.
    Brush your teeth.
    Have gum with you.
    Bring a rose.
    Open doors.
    If it's cold offer your jacket.
    If you go out make sure you treat the people you interact with well.
    Listen to and be interested in things she tells you and ask questions about it to be engaged and learn more.

    Don't get stupid drunk.
    Don't drive like an asshole.
    Don't BE an asshole.


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  • Avoid a movie... Then you can actually talk!


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  • 1
    Figure out who's paying
    And your escape plan if she says you're paying