Do you think this woman gave me her phone number for work related or did she give it to me to develop a relationship outside of work?

Ways she acted toward me.
She laughs at my jokes
She would tell me I’m awesome
-After I assisted her, she says I’m very helpful and says Thank you and has offered me coffee
-I usually send her an email starting off with Hello and she responds with Hi but once I sent a her an email starting off with Hey and she instant messaged me with a Hey also.
-She saw me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name.
-When I was assisting a friend, she offered to buy me candy. When I declined the offer, she came in looking upset.
-When I pass by and say Hello, she smiles and says Hello back.
-She send me an email every three to four days a week and sometimes sends me smiley face emoji
When I arrive she says Hello and when I leave, she says Bye and one time she stood in the corner and said see you later
Tell me to have a good day or have a great weekend in person or through email

We sat next to her and had a 30 minute conversation and we talked about school, work, where I lived while I was assisted with work related things.
I told her contact me the next day so I can help her.

The next day, she sent me the following instant message:
Hi, (Name), =) smiley face emoji
I would like to speak.
Please call me at (number)
I instead chatted her and she chatted and said “It’s fine if you chat me and send me the work related token through chat” so I did.

5 days later, I texted her
Me: Hi, how is everything going?
Her: Hi, Name She said everything is fine, Thanks, What do you need help with?


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  • 5 days later you texted her? Golly gosh no one has to wait that long for a reply! If you like her dont do that because you will be sending mixed signals.. honestly If a girl gives you her number of course she likes you! Unless she acts like that around everyone as you described

    • Is appropriate for a girl to avoid a guy and send a text 3 hours later for sending a text 5 days later?

  • She lies you, don't send her mixed signals.

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    • She probably wanted to start a conversation

    • I felt her response was negative as if it was what you want?

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