He literally just dumped me?

a few days ago i got text from him, asking if i am free to meet "today or tomorrow", i said i am free tomorrow. Next day he ansered "good, hat time, 6 or 7?" i said that 7, he said "ok good"
and then 10 minutes before 7 he wrote me this "hold on, i am still at work. I will be late here again"
I already was on the way when i got it, so i felt like a fool, and just said "ok" and went back home...
and he didn't answer anything...

what does he meant by hold on?
i think he could tell me earlier... is it a poor manners or he just dont care at all about me?


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  • Yes, he should have told you earlier but then you never know maybe his schedule changed at that day but then he thought he could still make it, he thought he could manage but when it was just too late he informed you at the last minute.

    Yes, that was not right of him but at least you should be happy that he didn't make you wait there, that would have been worse right?

    However there is a question, is this the first time? or has he done it before also?

    If this is the first time, then you can probably forgive him but when you meet him make it clear to him that you don't appreciate this behaviour.

    However if he done this a few times before then it means he is doing it on purpose and is playing hard to get, he is playing mind games in that case you should ignore him outright.

    • he did it before... i did it before on purpose to, just to show him how its bad to do it

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    • well, obviously he didn't

    • Well, if he didn't get it, then just ignore him,. just live your life and forget that he exists. I mean doing the same thing again and again will only be a waste of time for you.

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  • It sounds to me from where I am Sitting here, dear, that at the Last minute when he text You "I am still at work, I will be late again," that he Found that He was Going to be Held up.
    You answered him, Fine, but with not Getting back to you After the Fact, is this the Last you have Heard from him since Then?
    If this is the case, yes, Forget his Face. If he has been making this a Hard Habit to Break, perhaps it is Time to Break it off or Take a Break.
    I do find it Rude and crude and Selfish if he Didn't get Back to you with some other Game plan, and Left you Feeling... Confused and Foolish.
    Good luck. xx

    • yes after i said fine, he just didn't write anything

    • Don't contact him until he gets a hold of you. It sounds like a habit that he is in, I gather, which is unfair to you. You frankly deserve Better. He mistakes your own Kindness for Weakness and by Enabling him to continue to be Inconsiderate, he feels he can always get away with anything. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • He's doing it on purpose because he 1 is a pussy and just can't tell you straight up and study beats around the bush and 2 A lot of guys will do the avoid till you get upset and quit talking to them because there pussies

  • People who flake, especially those at or after the last mintue aren't worth your time in general.


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  • It's both that he has a very terrible manner and he doesn't care at all about you.
    He contacts you 10 minutes before and say he's still at work? What the fuck.. What a jerk seriously.
    It sounds like he hasn't even apologize to you nor made any contacts after. Even he did that's just not right how he flaked out on you like that.
    Drop him you dont deserve this

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