If no one has ever loved me even a little, how will there be one that is obsessed with me?

Never had a girlfriend. No one has even said yes to me.

How will there ever be one that is turned on by me, or actually is obsessed with me? It's impossible.

Plus I haven't been obsessed with a girl since 8th grade. All the girls I've met since then are boring and don't care to have fun or laugh.


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  • you sound retarded. You want someone to be obsessed with you? i hope thats just your broken English. Why would anyone want that? That's creepy as fuck.

    • He wants to be admire I think, clearly he is depressed about the situation, don't have to be a punk

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  • Well, I would say obsession is never good. Yes it's good if you think you want to be loved, if you desire love it's fine but if you want someone to be obsessed with you then it's not exactly a healthy thinking. At least not according to me.

    As far as someone loving you is concerned you never know who where the woman who may love you the way you want.


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  • The chance is always there if you just go outside and meet people. I would know, I never do that.

  • You want someone to be obsessed with you?

    • Well yes: heavily in love