Did I do right thing or wrong thing?

- She gave me signs in the class by making eye contact with me. I did not approach her.
- She met on stairs with me , then I said "hey, whats your name?"
she said "why? i dont know you" (she was smiling while saying this)
I said "becoz i like u", she walked away, i said "if u change your mind let me know"
- Then on the same day, she again gave me eye as if she is inviting me to come to her and talk to her.
- I did not approach her becoz she blew me off earlier that day.
- did I do right thing or wrong? She is ignoring me now.

  • You did the right thing, You told her you like her and she walked away that means she rejected u and u said if u change your mind let me know, she should say hi to u now otherwise let her go. Have some self-respect dude.
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  • You did wrong thing. You said if u change your mind let me know, she gave u eye contact basically letting u know that she is interested but u did not make a move, she took it as a rejection.
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  • I don't play those type of games. Voted A, she could have just fucking told you her name.. if she wanted to play coy she could have given you SOMETHING to work with, without completely blowing you off. I don't know it annoys me when girls flat out reject a dude and then get confused when he doesn't come begging for another chance. Give and take.


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  • there was no right or wrong thing. if you did no-one any harm, then it's not wrong.


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  • she was giving you the signs and you didn't make the move man.

    • She blew me off earlier that day, my ego was hurt.
      If she liked me why the hell she did not even tell me her name?

    • Girls aren't suppose to make it easy. Thats why its called "The chase" . Hello! Up to you from here on tho.

  • You approached her told her you liked her an she walked away, but yet she's still giving you those "fuck me" eyes I think you should leave it up to her now don't say anything else to her until she does she knows you like her right so now the decision is hers , maybe you just caught her off guard the first time you talked to her saying that you liked her when y'all haven't had any other conversation so? I don't know that's a tricky one ! Good luck #younglust


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