Are Girls into Romance Anymore?

I have been talking to a girl for the last 2 weeks, consistently we have plans to meet Sunday morning
I wanted to take her on a drive into the Adirondacks (mountains) and have a picnic
I have wine and cheese ready, wondering if this is too romantic? I think it might be overwhelming

Also, in a more general sense, are girls into romance still?


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  • 2 weeks might be too soon for that kind of date. It's definitely good that you two have consistent plans to meet up, but I suggest to save the Adirondacks drive/picnic for a later date, such as when you two are a little more serious (not saying that you two are not serious now, but it's a bit too soon for such a substantial date like that one).

    As for me, I'm a hopeless romantic, but I'm also pragmatic. I hope for my significant other to be the utterly romantic type that woos me, but practically speaking, I just want a man who has a good head on his shoulders, is mature, stable, and a good person.

    • Yeah I think we might just get chipotle and watch a movie lol

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  • That sounds like a wonderful date 😍 but that's me. Each girl has their own preference. I would think most girls would like to be romanced. Seems like that's all they nag/talk about now a days is wanting the guy to treat them to such things.

    • Well its all talk! lol
      Girls just want a guy to feed them and give them good sex

      I will do both those things, but I like romancing and dancing lol

    • Lol right 😄

  • I don't know if I am anymore because I seem many guys being fake

  • I am a hopless romantic lol.


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