Would it be weird to ask a girl out if I have never talked to her before?

There is a new girl in some of my classes and I like her. This is my last year of secondary school, so I have to make a move now or else I will probably never see her again. The problem is that I have not yet had a chance to talk to her yet. Would it be weird to just straight up tell her I think she is pretty and ask her if she wants to get coffee some time? Bear with me, I haven't done this before so I am clueless.


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  • I would say go for it but from my experience and as a girl: I had a total stranger ask me out in my secondary too. He was in a class older then me. I never noticed him until that one day, one of my friend gave me a note saying that was given by him for me.
    I read the note and there was two short line of cute quote saying: Are you lost? Because I think heaven must be missing one Angel. Something like that. I can't remember ok haha
    And I thought that was really Sweet and unique because nowadays what every1 does is asking for number straight up.

    So I would say if u wanna make it special then hand her a small note first because I find that sweet and I actually like it makes me smile. Well I don't know about her but when I get guys asking for my number but I tend to turn them down thinking that they must've done that a lot to a lot of girls. But the one who cheekily gave me a note makes me feel special. I tend to give him more attention:

    Anyways this opinion is from me:
    Good luck 😝.

    • Do people actually do that? I thought the paper kind of thing only happened in movies

    • Loool well he did 😂😂 belive me 100% but I found it cute and sweet.

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  • It's only weird if you make it weird, I and tons of guys do it all the time. The first time I ever did it was in a similar situation as you, I waited to the very last day of school.. Her locker was near mine and I just glanced over and basically told her that I thought she was cute and been meaning to get to know her earlier but I'd been caught up with study and asked if she'd like to go out sometime. I hadn't talked to this girl before but we'd shared a lot of eye contact so I had a good idea that she liked me so I was fairly confident she'd say yes, if you don't know if she likes you or not it's just going to be hit or miss, however whatever she says, at least you know you tried.


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  • Do it! That way she doesn't have to get all anxious wondering if you like her. Be prepared for the no but don't let it deter you! Ask once a week after that. And in between get to know her and let her get to know you. Chicks like it when they see that they are the only choice for you. If she sees you with another chick then she becomes an option and most women don't like being an option