Any other girls here never had any guy show interest, Never had boyfriend , and just not do well with guys?

I want to feel less left out and like a loser. How many girls here can honestly say they've never had any male attention and how do you deal with it? Please help me feel better but don't lie

  • I also suck with guys, never had a boyfriend or any guy approach or flirt with me
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  • No, guys love me and im the type of girl that always has a boyfriend
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  • look for guys. don't listen to this he wI'll find you crap. he may but if you sit there ur putting ur life in men's hands you don't want that. go the route of hunting your own down.


What Girls Said 2

  • The right time will come and the right man will find you.
    If you trynna Rush you'll not going to experience good

    • Awe thanks that gave me hope :)

    • Foreal
      I used to be going through the same stuff
      I tried too hard, met the wrong people and only get hurt over and over again and then you try to fix things and it is too late.
      I changed a lot, because I made wrong decisions
      Thank god I didn't get pregnant or desease 🙁🙁🙁
      Just wait until the right time comes

  • I've only had one boyfriend, but I've always been picky with guys. I have guys approaching me, but honestly a lot of guys aren't worth the time anyway. Don't feel bad, love is only one part of life, it shouldn't be the main focus.

    • One boyfriend is still good. And love is very important and the reason why some people choose to keep living. You're just saying that because u already got a boyfriend and stuff unlike me :(

    • I got my first boyfriend when I was 22! He was worth the wait, I promise!

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