What do I do after being heartbroken?

She is so selfish. There was this girl I like and she knew my feelings about her. Whenever I asked her out she told me that we'd hang out next time. But after few months after reminding her several times that next time didn't come. Sometimes she would ask for my company whenever she was alone because I thought that meant something more than just friendship. She never had a boyfriend by the way because she said she is shy and doesn't like going out. She said we would only hang out in school but not in malls or in coffee shops or other public places. But last night, I called her and went in to the conversation about her day. She mentioned she accompanied her friend in the mall. That friend was a male and it broke my heart. I remember she told me that she doesn't go out with any guy in the mall but only with her girlfriends. I cried in my room and promised myself never to contact her again. I feel so sad. So I'm asking for advices on where did I go wrong on this.


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  • Move on. Watch her crumble when you find a new one. I feel sorry for you. She supposed to be grateful when she had met a guy like you who sincerely loved her.


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