Chance he likes me?

There's a guy in my Math class I am sort of crushing on. At first, he didn't say much, was kind of quiet, but a week into school he became the most charismatic and outgoing person. He was nice to everyone but is also very sarcastic (not in a mean way, just a funny jokey way). Well, I sit across from him, not really near him but not close. Occasionally I will see him look over at me, and he'll either A: stare back for a few seconds B: Quickly dart his eyes away C- Pretend like he was talking to his friend. However, recently, he talks to me a bit. We kind of mouth talk, and yell at each other across the room, and its funny and cute. Its like we ignore everyone else and talk to each other. Also, we seem to constantly look at each other at the same time and smile and mouth talk or something (by mouth talk, I mean like mouth the word we are saying but not verbaly saying them, or giving each other like hand signals/gestures). Sometimes his face gets red when he talks to me. However, he hasn't asked me for my # or approached me one on one yet, but then again, we have only really talked for like 3 days (I see him 3 times a week). Is there a chance he likes me?


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  • I personally believe he does like you, and the reason he hasn't approached you is very simple. He doesn't really know you THAT well, and doesn't feel comfortable yet. He might just be a guy that needs to warm up to someone or find the right time to get with someone etc. However, everything you have said, I truly think he likes you. If you really want to try to push things a little faster, try sitting by him, or talking to him more, maybe walking with him after class, casually strike a conversation. If he doesn't ask for your number, hint at it maybe, or maybe even start small by saying "lets be friends on snapchat" or Facebook, or Twitter or wherever haha

    • I guess I'll try and talk to him maybe, or get to know him a little better! Thanks!

    • Anytime :)

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  • There's always a chance just like there's a chance he'll ruin you and break your heart.

    • That took a turn...

    • @EchoOfLife life takes turns shitting on you its the Echo Of Life

    • Did you just use my name to make a point XD
      Be a little optimistic though, if you look at life like that, you'll never move forward, and never appreciate it. Life is what you make of it, and it "shitting on you" can only happen if you let it "“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” -Dalai Lama