Guy update (guy advice) -- he gave me his number, what does this mean?

This is kind of an update on the guy I asked about in one of my more recent questions. We shared emails because of a school project, and we've been emailing each other for the past couple days. Today he emailed me his phone number, and now we've been texting and stuff. In case you didn't see my older question, I've been spending time with him in our one shared class and during lunch. He often sits next to me when we can choose seats. We share a similar taste in music -- basically anything but country. Any other ideas for how I figure this out? All opinions are appreciated. :)

  • He's just being friendly and wants to get to know you better
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  • He likes you maybe possibly? Wow a human liking you what r the odds
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  • Other (explain in comments please)
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  • I am the one that chose other, He either likes you, or really enjoys your company. Either way it's a win-win and you can ride that towards a relationship.


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