Do I stand a chance?

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I am at my late 20s with below average looking and height.

Recently, I met a girl through friends and immediately attracted to her. She is pretty and sweet, so I decide to ask her out for dinner which she agreed.

During our first date, we had a pretty smooth conversation, I paid careful attention, she was leaning in, agree with most conversations, the compliment that i am quite fit (which I am). During order, she was polite and prefer anything from the menu, the dinner lasts for around 3 hours without dead air.

Afterwards, we were supposed to head for another drink but she mentioned that she has other engagement, therefore, we part away. I was gonna escort her home but instead, we took a longer path to the train station.

At the end of the day, I offered her to another dinner, and later she suggests to go for drink instead due to she might be off work late.

In my entire, girls never look up on me, so if this girl is interested in me, then i could not figure out for the reason? Using me? or just treating me as a friend?

As per mentioned above, I would like to ask for some expert advice.

Many Thanks

PS) At the end of first date,
There was no hug, kiss or even hold hands,
Once we waved goodbye, she did not look back at all


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  • Its important to read her body language when she is out with you as well. Does she seem comfortable? Does she give you direct eye contact? Does she laugh and is attentive with the conversation? When a girl is interested, she will compliment and pay attention to you. If she tries to break the physical barrier between the two of you (aka, touch your arm lightly when she laughs) then these are signs that she IS interested.

    It's best to make her feel comfortable around you first before diving in for the hugs and kisses.

    • Very true, thanks a lot

    • Though I have another question,
      She is currently living on her own, one of her parents passed away a while ago and relationship with the other is not good as well. Although, i am interested in her, i do not want a clingy girlfriend at the end and i will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, would like your feedback on it.
      Should i go for it?

    • What makes you think she is clingy? You will gradually find this fact out if you go out on more dates with her. For now it feels like early days.

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  • I'm pretty sure you stand a chance mate. With some poeple they take a while to be able to hug, kiss, or hold hands because they still have a touch barrier. It is a mental thing. Next time during your date at least for a hug with her.
    I noticed that one days when I was with a girl that I liked and wanted to ask her out that if I did not make it a point to touch her then I would just not. Because unless your close with someone not many poeple like getting touched.


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  • You have got her interest, now you just need to keep her interested. Hugs and kisses on the first date aren't as common as you think. Some people need more time to reach that level of comfort.

    • So when should hold hands begin?
      Because we had scheduled for drink on tomorrow evening

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    • PS) Also we did not hug, and she did not look back after we waved goodbye, at the end of first date. Is that already an indication

    • Haha, I'm no expert man! I can't date even if my life depended on it! Hehe!

      But yeah, I'm capable of giving good advice! :P

  • She using you for food. AKA, a dinner whore. Basically, a woman that will lead you on for free food, drinks, and for you to pay her bills. From the sound of it, she's getting banged by another man that night. I've been that guy on both sides. From experience, if there's no physical attraction in the beginning, you end the date and move on.

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