So there's this guy? HELP?

Im 16 by the way, So I was looking at this drawing tablet at best buy the other day and I needed assistance on which one I should buy. I called over an employee. We talked, I thought nothing of it until we ended up having a full blown on conversation, and I noticed his eyes... his voice... his smile.. And I suddenly became interested. And he seemed a little interested in me. So why not. I've never had a boyfriend before yet or anything and this is new for me so try. My sister thought he was flirting with me so I was like hehehe. And we both do art, him logo design, me fine arts. Like two days later I came back to see if it had a warranty and info like that, just an excuse to ask questions and talk to him. We chatted a little but he didn't seem so interested, my sis thinks he was just tired because he was working all day, he has two jobs. So I took it as, how come we didn't talk as much? Did he loose interest? Was I too awkard? But anyway. What should I do? I'm into him and I'm trying to attract him too without having to visit hisob everyday, that's weird. I asked him his age he says he's 19. I'm 16 so we aren't illegal just in case. He didn't ask for my age, but when I asked about his age he asked back for how my day was?

What do I do? How can I "get the guy"? Lol

No mean or rude opinions please, thank you, if you don't like the question don't answer.


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  • Does best buy work on commission?

    • I asked him, he said no

    • Well I don't know then, maybe you got him in trouble for talking too much last time haha. You could always ask him out next time you're there.

    • /.\ oh

  • thats ok

    • What do u mean?

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    • We aren't 4 years apart. I'm a minor he's an adult but we're just 3 years apart so its fine.

    • 4 years apart? is there a some law about that? he is adult and you not.

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  • If he works two jobs, maybe he feels like it would be extremely exhausting to him to maintain a relationship with you. How old is the guy by the way?

    • : dude did you even read

    • If he's 19 he probably doesn't want to be in a relationship with you because he doesn't want to end up locked in jail.