Is remembering details about conversation generally a good sign? even like months later?

This desk girl at the gym that I hadn't seen for like 12 weeks stopped me on my way in... said she "hasn't seen me for a while" and asked me about the new job I got like 3 months ago. I haven't seen her since June, that was the last and only topic I have talked to her about generally speaking.

She's been friendlier to me lately. I know she works there but there sees to be less of a wall there when we talk if that makes sense. The whole time since January we have been doing the eye contact thing. She was with someone , he seems not be around the gym anymore and there is no trace of him on her FB ( we have mutual friends as I know the staff).

Im was surpised that she remembered what was going on in my life 3 months later and asked about it right away line the second she saw me. I should have been more friendly, but I will next time. I didn't expect her to remember and I was preparing to talk about the usual BS.

its not enough to go on but it opens that doors to talk more and she seems to not mind.

I was working out in a different part of town, since I'm working in another part of town. I spoke briefly about it and excused myself. I should have been proactive but I dont like hanging around the desk for 10 minutes talking. Next time I'll make more of an effort.

I was expecting "Hi", "Hi " and then me saying something for some small talk. I didn't expect her to ask anything at all.. I just hope she didn't think I blew her off as I was quite quick checking in. I'll just say more next time. This will be next week as my schedule will change to when I will be around more.

She remembers everything I was up to work-wise to and asked about it as soon as I walked in, which was cool... I didn't expect it.

We have hardly ever spoken, but she seems to remember everything of our small interactions and asks about them.

Remembering this kinda stuff 3 months later and we hardly ever really talked?


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  • It could possibly mean its a good sign or that she has a relatively good memory as well. It isn't much to go by but it could be something.


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  • Doesn't mean anything. I remember the details of a conversation I had with a woman a month ago and I hate her guts.

    • She doesn't hate me, but Its not enough for me to go on I know

    • But this 3 months ago and more personal. I was expecting a regular Hi But she stopped me to talk. So we'll see its early still

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