Is this weird? can I seem like an stalker?

There is a guy I like. I think he knows I do and he smiles at me a lot. During the summer we exchanged some emails but after he didn't replied to my last email that I sent in August. Now my friend told me he is i her class and im planning on waiting outside class and talk to him as nothing has happened and say I was waiting to my friend so he won't think I am stalking him. Is it too stalking to wait for someone every once in a while outside his class with an excuse? is it too risky and may face rejection? is it weird? he seems to enjoy talking to me since he is the one approaching me.


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  • Its not "stalkerish" its just using information to your advantage, you dont need to thank me i know my advice was perfect

    • haha thanks. well yes im suing just some information in my advantage.

    • Exactly!

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  • Don't do that, it's not worth it as even though I will tell you he won't think twice about it, I know for a fact you'll be tormented thinking about if I was actually wrong.

    He seems like a really nice guy though, tell him this and I will quote it too

    "Hey, we were talking for a while and I kinda like you..."

    wait for a while until he responds, his answer will either be a yes, no, or he might be nervous too and say something that tries to confirm that you actually do like him. If he does the last thing you have nothing to be afraid about and you can just say:

    "Let's go out!"

    If he says no it's not a big deal. He's a nice guy, it'll be awkward for a day or two but you'll be friends which isn't too bad for a girl since you guys tend to work yourselves up the ranks :)

    • yes it might be awkward if he says no but as i told my friend I can feel there is something what I have on my side its that im taking the semester off so I won't have classes with him at least un till January.

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    • hahah thanks for your supporting words.

    • Your welcome :)

  • That does seem like stalker behavior at all. Go for it!

    • so you mean a stalker behaviour is a good thing?

    • doesn't*

      My bad lol

    • haha thanks.

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  • I don't think you should do that because it might scare him off. Why don't you ask him out instead? Odds are that he will be eager to get to know you better.

    • I want to ask him out but in person , He doesn't have cellphone nor Facebook and its hard to talk to someone by emil. And also before asking him out I wanted to see him at least one more time.