Would you think this is a date?!

Last week the guy I like came out with another couple and myself.

I told him I like him in the most ridiculous way ever then walked off before he could say anything because I panicked.

Surprisingly, he's coming out with us again next week and still talking to me.

Would you think it's a double date if a girl said she liked you, then you went out next week with another couple?

Would you go even if you didn't like the girl who told you she likes you?


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  • I would not consider it a date because nothing has happened between the two of you. Sure you told him you like him and sure he is going out with the same people as you again, but he has not said or shown he likes you anymore than a friend yet. Until he pulls a move whether its paying for you, hugging you, holding your hand, etc... Its not a date.

    I would probably go even if I didn't like the girl like that if I liked talking to the girl or I liked the couple.

  • I only constitute it as a date if laser tag is involved.

    • I love laser tag. It's a seriously underrated sport.

    • I wrote a letter to the IOC and asked for it to be Olympic. But personally, I wouldn't consider it a date.

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