Why do my crushes always crush my heart?

As long as I can remember I have had a crush that has either been completely grossed out by the idea of my affection towards them or they never found out because they began to date one of my friends or someone else.

I guess it somewhat makes sense I mean I’m not unattractive or stylish and I’m quite shy and seem like a bitch to most because my sense of humour is based off insults. Like if someone said hi to me in the hallway I’d reply but I’m extremely quiet and reserved when I’m not around my friends but when I’m with them I couldn’t care less about what anyone thought of me.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my messed up personality or it’s just that I choose the wrong guys to like but to my knowledge today only one guy has had a crush on me and I never even knew him… should I change my approach or give up entirely on love until it comes and finds me?


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  • Look for it like the way you find interesst in the things you do. Humans have feelings and it might be wrong to say to act on your feelings but it's what mKes us human. Bad and good. Be curious, it's only natural to think of the people you crush on. The world may seem unfair when you realize you can't control other people. But you can control YOU. That's important. Don't be obnoxious, but be curious. It's okay to pursue things.


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  • Well don't go so hard on yourself.
    Nobody is perfect you have you messed up personality.
    The girls that these dudes like aren't prefect either even if they look like they perfect.
    Just wait on it. One day you'll find that guy that only has eyes for you!!
    If he don't like you is for the best
    Maybe after a while (your friend and this dude date) your friend will be telling you some messed up stuff that he did.
    Well he chose her you'll be glad that he didn't mess with you ( not like you going to be happy seeing your friend heartbroken is just that at least it ain't you tho!!!).


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