Girls, Do you like when a guy puts in effort and shaves off his body hair?

Do you like when guy puts in effort to look good , attractive and sexually appealing and hence shaves off all his body hair once every 15 days?

Update: shave everywhere is what I mean


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  • I wouldn't like if my boyfriend shaved off all his body hair. I find it attractive and it would be like sleeping with a ken doll if it was all gone.

    • Maybe your boyfriend has perfect amount of hairs all in the right place , but what about guys who aren't so lucky to have the perfect amount at the right places?

    • I still wouldn't like if they shaved completely everywhere, regardless of how much hair there is.

    • Are you of that school of thought that men should not shave legs and arms no matter how hairy?
      Shaving furry chest is okay I guess?

  • Definitely, yes.

    • Shaving legs isn't weird I guess?

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    • Aww, why blame the girl for disliking something that's not really nice actually

    • I'm sorry, that's just my opinion. Good luck pal

  • Not really.