How to go about talking to this girl who works at bar that I go to?

I first meet her some time ago at a country bar I often go to , she is one of the bartenders. nothing much really happened between us until I ran into her at another bar I go to and had the opportunity to talk to her outside of her work and it went fairly well and she seemed to like me. but then things afterwords just got weird and we talked once at her work for maybe 5-10 minutes one night and that went well but since that contact has been less and harder to talk to her there , her co-workers also picked up on us talking and seemed to clue in to things , somewhat gossipy place I guess.

so I might go back there soon or even this weekend and not sure what to say to her or if I should just back off and not worry about her , I also suspect she knows and has been seeing other guys as she seems to know a lot of guys at that bar. so I don't really know where our friendship was going if anywhere? but she is cute and good looking for her age so it be stuiped to lose touch with her at this point I felt


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  • Start by telling her "hi" and introduce yourself to her. Ask her how long she's been working there etc.


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  • All guys in the state tried to pick her up, thus she'll be on her guard and picky

    • she actually came up to me and said hi and we talked a little bit but then she had to go and I wasn't really able to talk much to her afterwords and I think she was just annoyed at me after that

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