What do you think when a guy accidentally gets an opportunity to ask you out but chokes when he notices that it was a good time for that?

The other day I got two opportunities to ask her out by accident when I asked her to help me clean up after church. I just missed the first one opportunity cause I did not think that she would follow me into the laundry room to get the cart. It kind of felt like she wanted me to say something. Or at least that was the vibe that I was getting from her the whole three seconds that we were in there. When we were in the kitchen I wanted to say something to her but my mouth just would not work. So instead I made some small talk. While I was washing out the coffee maker she seemed somewhat annoyed, again with the vibe but this was more from knowing her for a year. She soon got a call or made a call and left. I hope that I did not blow my chances with her by choking. I asked her to help me clean up, well just to clean up. I'm guessing that she thought I asked her to help me so that I could get her alone to ask her out. If I had know that doing that would work than I would have saved it for when I could make my mouth work correctly. Also I would rather ask her out by leading her outside instead of sneaking around in the laundry room.


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  • You should make a promise to yourself to ask her out next time you see her. End your agony,

    • Well I do have a deadline to ask her out by. However the last time I forced myself to talk to her was to tell her that I liked her and I froze whenever I tried going over to her. So instead I gave her a hand written note.

    • Thanks for M/H and good luck.

    • Your welcome and thanks.

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  • Tell her she makes your mouth not work.. she will think it's cute. Lol

    • Well I'm pretty sure that when I do ask her out. I'm going to studded a bit from my nerves.
      Thanks for the suggestion Borginborg.

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    • Admit the truth that you like here so much that just the thought of asking her out makes you stutter and trip over your words. It will make her feel special.
      But what do I know, that is just my opunion

    • I'll probably do that If I need to. That's for your opinions mate.

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  • I think he needs to take a vacation away from that girl..., talk to some other girls he doesn't care about, then go back and ask her out...

    • That does not work I talk with women all the time at my work. I guess it is because she is so important to me as a freind and I don't want to mess up and loose her that I'm so nervous when I try to talk romantically with her.