If a guy and girl are friends, they have a different set of friends. If the girl treats the guy friend differently than her other friends, what is he?

Is he just a friend that she confides in? Is he someone she may consider to be more than a friend? What does she want to be friends with him for?

Let's say they workout together, she tells him about bad relationships, or goes to this guy if she needs to talk.

I hear that girls like this may actually like this friend. Even though she goes with other guys, she complains about them, she really wants this particular guy friend that she has, but he isn't realizing it.

What is your opinion on this?

Sorry if he question is confusing, not enough characters.

If a guy and girl are friends, but each has their own separate group of friends that they hang out with. If these two hang out and talk about life and problems and also good things, and sometimes go out wih each other, not on a date but just them together, what is this guy to this girl?

If she tells him about crappy guys she dates or whatever what is he?


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  • He's her best friend.


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