Roommate has girlfriend coming over for a few days?

My roommates girlfriend is flying up to see him in a month. But she is suppose to stay with us for four to five days. He's my best friend and I've known him for like 7 years. But his girlfriend is a total bitch and hates all his friends including myself.

She plays "nice" but it will be super awkward with her here and it's only a 1 bedroom place. So they will most likely fuck most the time I'm here.

I'm just trying to figure a way I can leave for 4 days so I don't even have to see her or what to do. I'm going to try and take extra shifts at work to but I'll still need a place to sleep. Any recommendations on what I should do? Thanks!


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  • Run away!
    Jk :P... Okay, I mean it but not literally, lol. Go somewhere else while his girlfriend stays over. That way you are not invading their privacy in the bedroom and you're avoiding being under the same roof with someone who hates you. Book a cheap hotel and stay there for four or five nights. A hotel is your solution dear.


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  • Well I mean you might want to think long term here. If this is your roommates girlfriend, this is probably going to happen a lot. I was going to say crash in a cheap hotel for a week, but then why the hell are you paying rent.

    Also 2 dudes in a one bedroom? Are you couch surfing? Sounds like a bad situation in the first place. However if that's the case you guys should have some kind of contingency on what to do when you have girls over, unless you never do. Tell him its game on while your at work, but if he wants to keep banging while your home to go get a hotel. Think about moving out as much as that might suck.

    • Thanks for the advice. No it's not the best setup. But we just moved to a different state, college tuition, and bills so money's tight. But we both have beds in a medium size room. Then obviously the living room kitchen.

      She will just be here visiting for 5 straight days since she is also out of state. Not worried about long term but next year we are going to get a 2-bedroom.

    • Ahh that makes a lot more sense. Than fuck it man, just roll with it the best you can. Go out and find a girl to bring home too, or crash at her place. Or maybe just crash on the couch and leave them alone for 5 days. It will be over before you know it. (buy some headphones haha)

    • Haha will do thanks! Ya hopefully it's over soon! She's just such a bitch lol. Other than that I don't care at all.

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  • Go on a vacation. Like to California or Florida. Visit the beaches in either one if those places. I heard they are nice.


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  • When I was in college one of my roommates would have his girlfriend over, and while I never walked in on the act, sometimes I would get in late and they would be sleeping with him obviously still inside her. I just let it be known that it was my room too, and I felt no obligation to change my routine. But then, I have no problem with walking in on people fucking and going about my business while they go about theirs.