Are these signs that he loves me?

Here is a list of things he says ans does. Please tell me if it means he loves me.
-he gets very happy when we find things we have in common
-he gets upset when has to cancel our plans due to school or work
-he tells me that I'm the most beautiful girl he's been with
-he texts me everyday
-he talks about his family with me
-he says I make him feel happy and free
-when we get together at my house he doesn't want to leave
-sex is wonderful
-he's affectionate when we have sex and never says" have sex". He says "make love"
-he tells me that I'm special to him
- he says he loves being with me and he loves everything about me.
What do you guys and girls think?


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  • It shows he's into you and that you are special to him, yes.
    But only he knows if he is in love with you, and he'll have to tell you. Guys can dig girls for all those reasons - and more - and still not be in love with her.
    DO NOT READ INTO IT - girls are masters of reading into things when they shouldn't. Instead why don't you two have a heart to heart? Give him a chance to open up about his feelings - and you too.


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