Would guys confused a traditional girl with a radical?

For example, both aren't into splitting the bill on the first date. So would it be confusing which is which?

I know a girl in my neighborhood that comes from a traditional family. She won't pay on the first date for that reason and it would be very strange if she was asked to split the bill on the first date.

Or would guys still confuse her for a radical type? After all both, will not offer to pay on the first date.

  • Yes, I don't know which is which (everything is so confusing now)
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  • An easy way to tell if a girl is traditional or a radical, is to ask her to make you a sandwich. If she refuses, she's a radical. If she does it with a smile on her face, and then blows you too, she's traditional.


    • Yeah it makes sense. A radical won't do anything to contribute at all (it's all about receiving but she's not giving anything in return) while a traditional is happy with her roles and reciprocates.

  • Radical? hardly, most women dont want to pay on the first date

    • Personally I offer but some guys have refused to accept it. So it's really some guys that won't allow it either.

      As for the traditional girl, yes she won't pay on the first date but might after she gets to know the guy well and the dating is starting to get serious. Most of her family members follow traditional roles.

    • Yeah, I refuse to allow a girl to pay half the bill
      I am traditional

      I love traditional girls and families

  • If a girl doesn't even offer to pay, I'm paying for myself and leaving. No need to impress a girl I don't see myself taking out again.

    • She won't offer because that's really how she was raised and most of her family members follow traditional roles so all this offering is very new to her.

    • Yeah well that's too bad, we'd be too different. I'm not traditional at all, so I don't see a future with her.

    • I'm not into dating a girl's family. I'm dating a girl for her

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