What to do after a rejection?

I asked him out and he rejected me. I was probably not good enough or I annoyed him. What can I do to get over it?


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  • Go out and pamper yourself with your girls. Go to a salon, get highlights, manicure and pedicure, go home and do face masks then doll yourself up and go to a club or something and flirt with guys. Have confidence in yourself. Strut your stuff. Forget about the guy who rejected you. Remember that not everyone in this life will like you or find you attractive. It doesn't mean that you're ugly or undesirable. I know for a fact that their are other guys out there who find you beautiful and would love to date you. Don't get upset over this and go make yourself even better.


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  • Maybe he was just not interested. You can't help it if you just don't see someone a certain way. It is like you rejecting any other guy out there, it is not that they aren't good enough... It is just you don't see yourself dating them. Guys have to get over it all the time. Don't let it bruise you.

  • Rejection can be so painful. It can lower your self-esteem. It can make you feel worthless and unlovable

    I try to look on rejection as a redirection to someone better. Just because someone fails to see your worth that doesn't mean your value goes down. Some other guy will feel lucky to have you as part of his life. Every faces rejection during their lives. It doesn't mean someone else won't view you as precious though