How long should I wait?

Ok I met this guy online and he's amazing. We spent all day every day for a week chatting and then he disappeared. He reappeared with a massive apology that he'd lost a very close family member that week and then disappeared again. It's been 9 days now. I know he's grieving so I've not been pushy but how long do I wait and how many messages is deemed acceptable before giving up. It's a tough one because of the circumstances. Anyone else would have been shown the door by now.


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  • That's an easy way to duck out of such situations.

    • It was his dad. Would someone lie about their own dad dying? He honestly seems legit 🤔

    • Oh.. no. If it is a father dying, there is no way someone would lie about that. That may mess him up a bit and he needs time to sort out things.

What Girls Said 1

  • You can reach out again and check if he is doing alright. Just so he knows that you are worried?

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