Why do people always think I dont love my girlfriend when I say something missing or bring up how my ex made me feel?

I love my girlfriend but their just NO PASSION between us like i had with ny ex girlfriend which is a FEEling i miss. please dont miss understand what am trying to say i do feel a spark with my new girlfriend but no passion with my ex i simple touch would light my skin on fire and i pretty much couldn't close my eyes with out seeing HER.. i had both love&passion with my ex girlfriend. my new girlfriend great in fact she the best girl i ever date the 1 before her cheated n the 1 before that let her parents forced us apart aka the 1 i loved darly but now is such a big disappointment.

DEFINING LOVELove is an emotion that combines attraction and need for someone or something. Love can exist without passion, according to psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne in her "Psychology Today" blog. Love can be selfless and all consuming, gentle or intense, affectionate and sexual or platonic. You can love a romantic partner, your family, your pet, an object or an idea. DEFINING PASSIONPassion is commonly associated with love and is measured by it's intensity. The dictionary defines it as ardent joy and desire for someone or something. In a romantic relationship, it can ebb after a couple of years, according to Whitbourne, but rebound when the kids head off to college. It can die if you don't feed it with time spent together and a desire to give your partner your best. DIFFERENCES


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  • Because you don't love her girlfriend! You love your ex more end of story

  • Another troll

    • How am i a troll?

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