Girls and guys, what did I miss?

So, here I am. On okcupid. Been on many dates that failed miserably. So, I am used to being catfished, nexted, etc.

However, I had met a girl recently on ok Cupid and we clicked. She started sending me these loong ass messages and I wrote back. We had our first date two weeks ago and a date his passed week.

So, here's the rub. I go on a date with her that was actually went really smooth. Both of us liked eachother and went into for a kiss she backed off. I asked if it had something to do with her ex ( pervious conversation) and she told me all about how she was a domestic violence victim and he still stalks her and court proceedings since this year

So, I tell her that she was brave to come out and meet me on the date 1 on 1 and everything and if she wanted to we could become friend but if she's ready to keep me mind as I like her. But since she told me that she wasn't really that ready but like to get drinks as friends- I see her on my ok Cupid feed the very next day and it's so constant that I hid her as to not be upset.

Am I missing something? Did I just get friend zoned by a truth with some rouse? Was she just trying to get me off her back? I'm very confused and obviously upset, but what did I miss?


What Girls Said 1

  • I never have any luck online dating either. I feel like a lot of people that do it are just looking for dates rather than looking for anything real. If she's chosing to not continue seeing you there's nothing you can do. Just forget about her and move on


What Guys Said 1

  • Man online dating is completely ridiculous and such a waste of time unless you are out of town and looking to bone someone on tinder and never talk to them again.

    You didn't miss anything, all the girls I've even met on a dating app were fucked up, this girl is no exception. Instead of worrying about it, just get on with your day go out in the real world and find an actual girl to talk to. Even drunk girls at the bar are better than some crazy girl on OKC.

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