My borderline sister ruined my life?

She ruined my childhood and i had no rest at all in my head. It was all about her and her yelling everyday. I used to hang out with her and she completely ruined me and my ability to socialize. I am 24 now and i stayed way too long. I dont have close friends, never had à boyfriend, no life experiences. I suffer from social anxiety now. I grew up isolated. I dont know what to do now. My mom even had à psychotic episode because of her, started hearing voices... am i damaged for ever?


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  • you just took on the same wounds as your mother and sister... do you see that? they just passed on the problems. You see it I think. Time to rise above it.

    All that stuff doesn't matter, your life can change for the better real quick once you let that prior stuff go... but you have to let go of it. We tend to hold onto our wounds for some reason, but to heal, you have to let the past go, forgive them for their weaknesses... as the Bible says... "forgive them... they know not what they do". They are wounded humans wounding others.

    People damaged much worse than you have gotten past it and risen to high levels. Many people lost all parents and some succeeded and started businsses and became wealthy and well known. If you can tell your story and the lessons you got from it, you are much better for it.

    • Here's a view maybe that would touch you. It is a view as to what happens to a being that lacked love and had abuse. Look at the initial reaction, and then how they respond over time to love. Go out and find some loving people, but start with the New Testament of the Bible where Jesus speaks to people, becuase he demonstrated the love of God.

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  • Your seriously blaming your mentally ill sister for the fact you didn't go out and talk to people?


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  • You may have something backwards. Your mom did not become psychotic because of your sister. Most likely, your mother has an inherited psychotic condition which she passed along to your sister. That raises the possibility that you also have that condition and you are wrongly blaming your sister. Have you ever been in any therapy?

  • no your not , i was raised in the same type of situation but it can be differnet for each person i guess. but all i can say is as long as yousee your family as jsut people who know you and not fmaily it makes it easier to tolerate them.

    it might not make since but things will get better i know things have gotten better for me but there are still annoyances because now that i see them differently i kind if laugh at there opinion and what they say

    it does not efect me like it would if i saw them as family if that makes since.

  • Ruin her life back.


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