Been two weeks of no contact from me. Will she answer back?

So I've been really busy these past two weeks with working 10 hrs five days a week and also being involved in a bachelor's party and wedding. I've sent her photo via snap chat she replied to one saying I was looking sharp. I'm going to call/text tomorrow to see if she want to do something this weekend. I really want to see her. Will she respond? been two weeks w/o having a conversation. Also, how to ask her?


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  • If it was to me I would respond back.. you should put in a lot of effort and explain to her that you have been really busy and you apologize for not being able to stay in touch as much as you have hoped and ask her if she would like to meet up. Just make sure you don't keep doing this no contact thing for a while then messaging her weeks later with another apology because that gets old so fast.


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