Really like a girl but she likes my friend?

So I really like this girl, like I really like her and I had plans on asking her out. The problem is all of a sudden my friend tells me he's been talking to her and they hung out once one on one. He asked how I would feel if he tried to date her and I told him the truth, it would hurt me like crazy, especially if I have to see it all the time. He said he wouldn't date her, he said our friendship is more important. I see her attracted to him, like it's obvious. If they go out I'll be crushed and I'll lose a friend because I won't be able to hang out if they're together. What the hell do I do? Do I ask her out like I planned and see where it goes? Is it even worth it if she likes him? Help?


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  • Ask her out, see what happens. You'll still have your friend and you know they don't like her anyways so they won't go out, even if she likes him. She could just also like him as a friend. It's better to know and possibly take rejection rather then going through the next year thinking "what if"

    • I agree with this, better knowing than thinking what if.

      Also, @AMG63, that's an interesting username... not one I'd expect here lol

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    • Only car people will pick up on it... I think, haha.

    • @HotDogg like yourself xx

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  • That's a difficult situation you are in. Your friend is ready to stop dating her in order to keep the friendship but then you said that she is attracted to him and even he likes and who knows may be this girl like him too. Hence I would say the signs are not very good and honestly they are not in your favor.

    Since the girl is attracted to him and even he likes her so you should give them a chance and just step aside. Why I am saying is because there is no point if you date her but the girl is attracted to your friend and not to you so that would hurt your later on, hence you should let your friend and the girl and date each other.


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  • You know, Id say ask her out. Your friend said he would value your friendship. You never know if you dont try. Give it a shot, if it works out, GREAT! If not, you'll find someone else. Good luck!


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  • Let her know you feel and ask her out. People want to be liked, and often it takes someone telling us that they like us to like them back. Its not always the case, but even if she says no, you will regret not saying anything a lot more.