How do I become less awkward and approach guys?

Ok so I'm not shy or anything like that I do talk a lot but I can't help coming off as awkward, weird or just strange every time I talk to people. I don't know if it's my voice, the way I look or my clothes but I just have an awkward quality I've never been able to get rid of. It never stopped me from making friends but it is holding me back from dating. It is impossible for me to flirt I'll either mess it up or laugh halfway through it because I feel like I sound so dumb or weird. This is of course a problem when it comes to approaching guys or dating. Therefore I don't really approach guys or just wait for them to approach me which does happen but I ruin it with my awkwardness and then they don't want to date me. The only times I've been able to successfully hook up with guys is when I'm drunk because that's the only time the awkwardness seems to go away. I just would like to know any tips on how to not come off like this or control it because there is this really attractive guy at my job who I'm becoming very interested in we've had a few causal conversations and say hello but I'm Afraid to talk to him more and let him get to know me because I'm scared he'll be scared off with my awkwardness. I don't wanna ruin yet another potential relationship. That's why I'm here asking for help from complete strangers. Girls how do I stop acting this way and flirt right, and guys what is the best way you'd like to be approached by a girl?


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  • Honestly its pretty rare for a girl to approach a guy. I'm always the one doing it, and to get over being awkward you have to fail a lot. The best practice is going out to the bar, or on the street and start talking to literally any random person about completely nothing and get used to doing it so it doesn't feel weird. There's no book to read, or special tricks besides going out and doing it.

    When a girls come up to talk to me, I'm already taking over anyways you wouldn't have to do much, but engage in a conversation. It doesn't matter what the hell its about. Talk about what interests you. If this guy has any sort of interest in you he won't give a shit even if you seem nervous.


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  • I mean fuck is it that hard to make a simple conversation now these days.

    Girl say hi

    Guy says hi

    girl says her name and asks for the guys name

    Guy says his name

    Girl says what movies do you like to the guy

    Guy says what genre of movies he likes.

    It's really not that hard to communicate with people.

    • That is such a boring conversation that would never take place in real life and you know it lol

    • Well that's how you start a conversation.

      Then the conversation can get funny or serious.

      If you were shy you wouldn't be saying that the simple conversation I made up wasn't boring.

      You would take it as advice.

      You're not awkward or shy.

      You're just shy around that particular person.

      Therefore talk about what you like.

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  • I was in the same boat as you. Im so robotic and straightforward that its awkward. I don't know. its easier to just let guys do the approaching.

  • No idea. Drink all day? Lol 😋