What would you do? Boyfriend being sneaky?

My boyfriend has been acting sneaky lately. I know girls flirt with him a lot whenever he's out, they even flirt with him when I'm there but he ignores them. I was creeping on his text messages (I know shame on me) and I saw some messages from some girl and she was flirting hardcore with him but he would only say one word back. there was also another girl snapchatting him (I don't know of what and I don't want to jump to conclusions) but it was just weird because he kept hiding the convo. Should I let this go? Or ask him about it? I don't want to be the crazy girlfriend but it's weird..

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  • I would definitely ask him. Because at this point it's only gonna cause you to lose trust for him if you don't get to the bottom of it now. It will only weaken your relationship and make you second guess everything if you don't talk to him about it. Don't let him hide his phone, that is a number one red flag!

  • I Would Confront Him About It And If He Denies It Dump Him.

  • Fuck his brother.

    • That's for that ignorant input 👍

    • Anytiimmmmeeee 😂