Relationship with someone who has nothing in common?

There is this girl I find attractive, and I was going to ask her out, but the thing is, we share nothing in common.

She loves spending her free time at the beach/sea, and I like spending mine in the mountains. She is very family oriented, and I'm completely independent from mine. She prefers living in countryside while I love the city.

Should I just pass her as just another attractive girl? Could you ever be in a relationship with someone who has nothing in common?


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  • It could be possible if both were willing to compromise.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well I have always been single and I have decided to remain single forever. However even I am to assume I wouldn't even consider being with someone who is totally different than mine, for me compatibility factor is utmost important.

    Coming back to you, it really depends as to what you give importance to, like is compatibility factor important to you? is it utmost important? if the answer is yes , then you should just consider her as another attractive woman you came across and just forget about her.

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