Love Life=Confusing of want or unwanted?

I've been with my boyfriend for little over 2 years now, and after our first year things were fine loved each other, cared, honesty, everything was good. After midway towards the 2 year we got into a huge fight and took a break there, since that moment we have been on-again-off-again couple.
It has gone to an extent where I had enough and brought back all his stuff gave it too him and was going to leave for good.
However he would stop me and would say he loved me or misses me and wishes to get back together.

We tried talking since that would be the best choice to understand one another but sometimes we both be silent.

Currently we've been on break for over a month (which is the longest so far), and throughout this we talked 3x one on phone and the others on text.
Phone call was he wished me a happy bday but called on the wrong day saying Skype showed him it was my bday that day (wrong).
2nd we chatted to see how each was doing.

I don't know if he still wants to be with me, since he says he misses me, but does nothing to work it out.
But also on text he mentioned "life is good, music, work, girls, college, rapping"...

I'm getting mixed signals when we texted him saying he missed me but also mentioning the girls, and him focusing on his life.

In the end I sent him a message on Skype saying hey its my last time trying to communicate with u if u don't reach out to Me by November it's done love u goodnight. (basically sums it up)

My questions are..
-Does he still want to be with me?
-Is it possible that he might have been cheating on me (as my other 2 friends said, since we had many breaks which last 3 days-2weeks)?
Any advice besides breaking up with him (which will b soon if he doesn't talk to me and reach out before I finally leave for good).

I'm very confused to whether he still wants to be with me or not, I still love the guy, of course, but the moment one of us has no love for each other it's done. There's no need to string anyone along.


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  • I think he was already taken the break on you. He no longer loves you but is still infatuated about you. You should forget about him and move on


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  • He could be trying to make you jealous with the whole girls thing. Trying to see if there's any jealousy in you he could get off on that.

    Has your other friends seen him with girls or are they just suggesting it? I mean technically if you guys were on a break it isn't really cheating but if he knew he wanted to get back with you but decided to sleep with a girl before patching things up with you then yeah maybe.

    Honestly if he isn't trying to get back or actually putting in effort to contact you odds are he's over it.

    I know how sucky that is to hear. My ex wasn't in love with me like I was with him and he tried to love me but just couldn't so he ended things and tried blaming me for everything. But yet I still find myself wishing I could make him love me. It's a sucky feeling but it's just something you have to deal with.

    • Maybe your right on the jealousy thing, but with everything all he has said is "of course I miss you and want to be with you but is best if I focus on life right now.."

      And no, my two friends suggested it that he might cheat, I personally don't know, he's a very kept to himself kinda person but he and there I don't know.
      And yea the effort part, I gave him technically a deadline saying if your not gonna talk to me it's done, but like I said I don't know what he thinks about us

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