Do you go on dates with multiple people around the same time (Like you will have 2 or more scheduled dates in one week) when not yet in a committment?

So I recently learned that a LOT of people will basically date a bunch of people at the same time until they find one they want to be committed to. I find this upsetting. I mean yeah when I go on a first date with someone I don't feel a commitment yet but I'm not also dating other people at the same time. I find that to be super disrespectful. If it ever happened to me and I saw a girl I had gone on a date with on a different date with someone else. I don't care if we got along super great and even planned another date I'd never talk to her again. I'd just ghost on them because I feel they deserve that.

And it makes me wonder would these people who do that be okay if they saw someone who they had a great date with and wanted to see again and then see that person on a date with a different person. Like unless they are a hypocrite then they have to be totally cool with knowing the other person also dates several people at once.

I don't know it just feels super dehumanizing to me. It's like people are nothing more than trying on clothes at the department store and just taking home the one that you liked best in the mirror.

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What Girls Said 2

  • TOO much work. Find a person you really really really like and stick with them. Anything other than that will make me feel like I'm in a candy shop.. and not in a good way.

  • No because in my country it's consider like cheating


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I hate that! It's a really bad sign of the times when being committed to trying to make things work with one person is deemed weird.