How does someone fall in love? Why would someone fall in love?

Maybe it seems like a stupid question.. its just that my friend has fallen in love with me and I have no idea how did this even happen.. why it happened


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  • If you are not reciprocating, then he is projecting his interest on you. That means he is reading into things, making up a fantasy in his mind and is falling in love with that.

    If you are reciprocating, then what do you expect? Choose how your actions carefully. If you seek a romantic relationship with him, then move in that direction. If it will only ever be platonic, then you have to let that be known clearly, firmly.


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  • How and why are mysteries. Even the Bible calls it a mystery. When love comes you're powerless to resist

    • quoting the bible? really?

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    • @FrenchyRomain that's rape. The Bible actually says nothing about consensual sex between to adult single heterosexuals. It was a misinterpretation of the word pornei which means sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is rape, incest, pedophilia, animalia, adultery, homosexual etc. It isn't a ten commandment nor did Jesus ever say a thing about it. Personally I think he boffed Mary Magdalene. Immorality is also not premarital sex. The old testament was full of it. I think it was mistranslation on purpose especially by the Catholics.

    • I believe so too... hence my believe holy texts should never be considered for a moral compass

  • Love is a mystery to which the answers can never be known. The only thing that's certain is that you know it when you feel it.


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