The wisest phrase I have read about relationships?

and I think if people could follow the phrase to a tee, there could not be love dissapointments.
This is the phrase:

"Never loves a person that you like, love someone who loves you back, because the one you like, he/she gives you hopes but the one who loves you, respects and values you".

So I believe that if you like someone and that someone likes you and you think that is one good first step at least for him or her to have an interest in you dont get your hopes up cause liking a person does not mean anything, even if it is the first step towards something.


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  • Never say never. Stay open and love will find you.

    • In my particular case love never found me now and never in the past

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    • I'm 47. You don't gotta tell me. Sometimes the best way to find something is to stop looking for it.

    • I never really was looking in all my life but still no luck for me