How would you rate my chances of ever getting a girlfriend?

How would you rate my chances of ever getting a girlfriend?
I've already set out a half-decent summary of myself on my profile description, but let's lay out the main points. On the plus side, I'm a strong, tough, athletic, highly intelligent and creative individual with numerous varied hobbies and interests (including reading and writing fiction, graphic design, sci-tech, drawing, MMA, football, athletics, extreme sports and community work). I'm kind and caring by nature, possessing a great deal of empathy and compassion- if I had a girlfriend, I'd want to be the most romantic and affectionate boyfriend I could be for her, and I'd be a devoted, doting and attentive father. However, I'm also firm, staunch and resolute, standing by my principles, values and decisions, and doing what needs to be done. I'm also fairly well-endowed, and confident there'd be no 'performance issues', so to speak.

On the downside though, I'm now nearly 30yrs old. I'm currently unemployed- founded my own PLC, and ran it single-handedly for 5yrs, but operations never became profitable, and we were eventually forced into liquidation. I do freelance editing work, but it's barely enough to pay for the cost of food and drink, and nowhere near enough to pay rent in Greater London, so I've been forced to move back in with my parents. I'm epileptic, so I still can't drive, and rely upon public transport. I have Aspergers, which while mild enough to be imperceptible to most people I interact with, still renders me largely incapable of reading body language and flirting without consciously making an effort to do so. I've still never had a girlfriend- never managed to convince any girl to go out on a second date with me, even when they themselves have told me that I was perfect and that everything about the date was perfect. And I'm still a virgin- haven't had sex, sexual contact, or even passionately kissed.

So how would you rate my chances of getting a girlfriend? Could those chances be improved, and if so, how? And if not, is it time for me to give up?

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Other important details- I'm a teetotaller, who doesn't drink alcohol, smoke or take any form of non-prescription drugs, never did, and has no intention of doing so. I'm mixed-race, Indian (Punjabi) and Black (Afro-Caribbean). I'm not a particularly social person, and when it comes to friends, I've always favored quality over quantity by a huge margin- never had more than five at a time, and currently have only three (all female), but they're true friends.
One last bump, to see if anyone can offer a proper answer. Anyone?


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  • I'm not surprised of this

  • Keep looking for a job
    Try getting a better haircut to suit your face

    Other than that it's just a numbers game

    • I'm a Sikh. So while I could get a different hairstyle, I'm not planning on cutting anything- I'm not going to shave off my mane just to try and make the lionesses more comfortable. And I hate the whole concept of romance being nothing more than a numbers game. Not that I haven't effectively done just that, having approached more than a couple of thousand girls over the years- online, through dating and singles events, back at uni, and even by cold-approaching on the streets- only to be rejected romantically by all but three of them, and spurned by all three of those girls after only a single date. Does any woman seriously want to be a number? Let alone 'no. 2329'?

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