Does he like me really or just as friends?

et this guy five months ago and it was great at the start he said he wanted a relationship etc, then he changed it and we were just friends with benefits then I got pregnant and had a miscarriage then we were just friends but he had sex with me again but I love him and told him this he said he just wants to be friends, we were seeing each other five months and when I mention other guys he gets jealous but denies it and when we agreed to stop speaking I had to do all the blocking etc and he didn t delete me off anything I asked him why and he said cause he wanted to stay friends, we aren t speaking now but I want to be with him and I think he misses me too I just think he s insecure he said he never wants a relationship with anyone he s the strangest man I ve been with can u please give me y

Does he like me only as friends please answer
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  • No no no. You've got it completely wrong. He's only friends because you're fucking him. He was interested at first but then decided you weren't what he was looking for and was ready to call it off and go separate ways then you started this fwb's bullshit. You thought if you fucked him enough he'd reciprocate your feelings. Wrong! Lol smh. The only reason he gets jealous isn't because of love it's because these others are a threat to cutting off his pussy supply. You've got a lot to learn

    • Actually you've got it wrong we haven't had sex in ages he never cared about that much, he said he just wanted to be friends but then he was jealous

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    • I know I'm gonna try but just going to stay single for a while first, I really miss him but he's so confusing your right about that he says one thing and does the other it's like he doesn't know what he wants, I just have to try move on

    • Good luck to you. If he refuses to meet your needs then move on

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  • He doesn't like you. He's using you.

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