Do you know what attracts the opposite sex?

I notice that some people do it without noticing and some struggle to get even a single look from the opposite gender, i am talking about attracting guys/girls without it seeming really that obvious that you're trying to attract anyone, let me tell you what i've learned by observing other guys and girls and some from the internet or on my own and they all work, they're simple and really dont seem important but affect the way you're percieved by the opposite sex.

for example :
girls like facial hair on guy, something that looks nice and is neat, the fade haircut is pretty popular with the ladies, certain perfumes (and even scented lotions) make women like you more, being calm and cool and not affected by your surroundings or really care about what anyone wants you to do (being your own boss) makes most women really crave you, saying whatever you want (Sometimes it might even insult the girl a little) usually sounds harsh but gets women hooked on you, they value your honesty and the confidence you're projecting so much and think its sexy. wearing darker colors makes you sexier and of course something that is casual and nice but makes you look stylish and mature is deeply appreciated (tried it first hand), staring from across the room and holding eye contact while looking at her deeply with a piercing look makes a woman's heart race and she will want you more. and ofcorse always looking and smelling clean with clear skin helps a lot.

dont get me wrong looks are important too she has to find you attractive but do these things and you're guaranteed to catch a girl's attention.

one more thing, details, you might think its not important but women really like small details so taking care of the small things that you think go unoticed will give you extra points.


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  • Not definitely but certainly. Depends if anything and everything you are doing is genuine. It also really depends on the girl. I am sucker for funny guys so if a guy had a great sense of humor it would attract me to him.

    p. s ignore my age it's not accurate.


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  • Mr. Penis does ;D ( keep it as a secret )

  • Its all about looks. If you are not good looking women will always hate you.

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