Is my friend desperate?

So let me start. My best friend, a girl, had a buddy who she called her brother. They've known each other for over three years, but she's known he's been in love with her for over a year now. During that time, she had a fling with someone who lived in another country. It didn't work out. She then started a fling with someone who lived in another city and who, as it turns out, only used her as a rebound.

She recently met a guy who's a bartender and fell for him and he totally ignored her and even though she tried to get with him, showing up at places where he was, at the bar he works in, he ended up rejecting her and it hurt her.

Three guys in a row, all ended with her hurt and confused. So her best-buddy, the one who's been in the friend-zone with her, whose feelings she knew about all this time, who she brought with her to the place where the bartender worked, begged her recently to give him a try, saying that he would be better than all the guys she's been trying with etc. and even though she said just three weeks ago that she would never ever consider kissing him because that would make her vomit, she just announced that she decided to give him a chance.

The problem is, her words were "I don't know... I'm gonna try because he's been begging me for such a long time..."

All her friends have been shocked by her decision, because she's known about his feelings for such a long time, dated other guys in front of him and totally treated him like her brother, and now suddenly she makes this decision after he BEGS her.

Is she only doing this because she's lonely and she's using him? None of us think she could suddenly fall in love with him out of the blue especially considering she's known him for such a long time and has never even implied he was anything but her BFF.

Also, all her girlfriends have boyfriends and she's been complaining about it for quite some time now. Everything just points to her being incredibly desperate :-/


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  • It won't end up well. It's almost guaranteed. Both of them sound desperate and both of them are actually using each other.

    • Why do you think HE'S using HER?

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  • she sounds desperate and is using him

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