(PLEASE READ ADDITIONAL DETAILS) Is it lame to ask a girl when to can call her?

So this girl and I have been talking for about two months, and things have been going great - we have a lot of things in common, we've really hit it off (in-person and through texting), and we've both told mutual friends about our interest in each other. However, I want to start talking on the phone more. We've talked on the phone once, but she called me. I want to call her today, but I don't know when she'd be able to call. Would it be lame to ask when is a good time to call her? My friends said that asking a girl when you can call, rather than just doing it, is lame and makes you look weak.

  • Yes; just call her
  • No; ask her
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  • Either way is fine. You can't go wrong.

  • Either is fine! But if you just call her without texting first, don't be mad if she doesn't answer! If you call and there's no answer, then hang up and send a text saying something like "just wanted to talk to you, guess I caught you at a bad time." so she knows there's no emergency or anything. And if she does pick up, you still might want to ask "is this a good time?" in case she is busy and really only has a few minutes, but she answered in case it was something important.

    If you text ahead of time, make sure it sounds casual. Just saying "do you have time to talk?" can be interpreted as a serious thing. (no one likes hearing "we need to talk." so avoid that!) something like "I miss your voice! call me when you get a chance!" or "hey i'd love to catch up with you sometime this week, is there a good time for me to call? don't want to bother you when you're busy haha"


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