Girls be honest are there any so called "average " guys your crushing on rate now?

by average I'm referring to a guy who is average looking , not a muscular athlete by any means , has a basic education and a job that pays minimum wage or slightly more , drives a common or basic car if he has one. is the type of guy that barely get noticed anymore and nothing stunning about him. so basically average but not necessary below average , he's not a bum living on the street but he also doesn't have anything great going on with his life.

so the question is there any so called average guys that your crushing on rate now and actually want to date or even maybe dating? be honest , answer anonymously if that helps

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  • there was someone average but not rate now
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  • no there isn't anyone like that i'm interested in
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  • I go dancing once a week and there's a guy there who is by all means average looking (maybe even below average) - tall and lanky with an awkward face. But I do have a little crush on him though, just because he's such a fun partner to dance with.

    But I don't know anything about his life or if he has anything "going for him" lol. Anyway, I don't plan on pursuing it since I just got out of a 2 year relationship and want to stay single for a while. But for the record, my ex was also very average looking with nothing really going for him.


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  • Faulty logic. Almost everyone is average. Almost everyone dates at some point. You don't have to be above average to get a girlfriend. Most girls like average guys bc most people are average.

    Try to wrap your mind around the concept of average.

    Also, being fit and athletic isn't too far from the norm. Probably still could classify as in the realm of average.

    • well true everyone dates , I wouldn't describe the average guy here as being fit and athletic , the guys like that I'm say were above average , there is still average guys who go to the gym that is true but there is better looking guys than them there.

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    • my question was kind of confusing was more referring to the type of guy a girl crushes over not guy she actually ends up dating , there might be more average guys that a girl like this actually date was more asking about type of guys a girl see's around and finds attractive or has a crush over

    • Uh again considering that the vast majority of people are average it only follows that people usually crush on average people.

  • He's just about the most grotesquely skinny and nerdy guy I've ever met but he's funny and smart and crazy sweet.

  • My crush is exactly all those things. Average <3

  • Not crushing but sexually attracted to yes.


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