Guys, I don't know what to do anymore , he calls me a BITCH?

Ok , I been dating with a guy for a while our first year together was awful I eventually was more courageous at that time and broke up with him because he was always telling me I was nowhere near the girl of his dreams... Then 3 years later after we both moved towns he came to my house to see me as an invitation of my own mother ! We come back with our relationship after hanging out and everything was perfect AND GREAAT ! Then now we are living together but most of the time he says to me he feels irritated with basically everything I do... Sometimes he calls me a BITCH and I tell him it hurts me a lot when he does it and he keeps on saying that " Oh , I will call you a BITCH until you stop acting like one " So I am desperate , I love him to death and it will be hell hard if we break-up but at the same time I don't want a relationship that insults me and makes me feel like crap ! Any ideas?


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  • Don't fix somethings that's broken. If you make excuses it can get violent because either he feels like he exerts power or your too powerless to get your way.

    It best be time to leave, if death is love


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