Guys, He likes me?

I'm in this law enforcement program with this guy and he seems to be playing this low key, he usually wants to be partners with me and I can't blame him we do make a great team, anyway he makes jokes for example if I'm running up the hill and I pass him he will look at me and say "You're trying to keep up with me?" And I don't know if he likes me or is jut being friendly but he did waterfall my water and we like just met 😂 Help ya girl out


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  • Kinda hard to tell with limited data you supplied but I'm going to say he's flirting. Doesn't mean he likes you just mean he enjoys flirting... if you want to build on it flirt back and see where it goes. He'll make the moves if he's interested. If he doesn't make a move then you know that he just likes to flirt but not get his hands dirty

    • I'm like super shy so I honestly wouldn't know where to start without making myself look like an idiot or too desperate, you feel me?

    • Then don't. Just be yourself. If he digs you he'll catch your vibe eventually and make a move , if not he'll move on. If he's not interested enough to catch your vibe to find out what yourall about that means he wasn't all that interested to begin with.
      Guys aren't that complicated - seriously girls think we are but we are really rather elementary

  • Law enforcement program at 16? I would need further details on this because if you are going to be working together well lets just say inoffice relationships can be tricky. From what you said its certainly possible that he likes you maybe even probable, but its also possible that he is just really friendly (maybe watch how he acts with other people especially girls.)

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