Would you date a guy with a bad family?

I am a normal guy, I am family oriented and stuff but I realized that having a bad family had made me insecure in the dating world.

I feel like a girl will take one look and run away, and I feel like I'm not good enough for girls with a normal family (mom, dad and siblings).

My mom lives with me, because she can't support herself and is clinicly depressed, my older brother is very irresponsible and though married, him and his wife see other people and aren't together, Lots of alcoholic uncles, aunts, troubled cousins, fighting, drama etc. My dad was an alcoholic and couldn't fight his addiction, haven't seen him in 10-15 years...

Not everyone in my family is bad, half of them are bad (and I don't want to be like them) and luckily I have a good half.

So would a girl not care that much about my family? or am I doomed to be single because of them?

And if so how can I be less insecure when dating girls with normal family?


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  • You should def not be insecure about such a thing. Everyone has a different story. There is no such thing as a normal family. Everyone family has their own problems. If you meet a girl that wants to get to know you.. once you open up that side of you it'll be pathetic if she wouldn't want to be with yiu because of that. I personally would just be supportive!

    • Thank you, that's really true.. I would want someone who would support me and not just run away :)

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  • I want to stay away from the drama as much as possible

    • Even if the girl is good and likes you?

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